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Children Law Team


Jo Johnson

Jo is a solicitor with 20 years experience of children’s law and is the Managing Partner of Baches.  Jo can help you or your children and grandchildren with any legal problem about childrens’ lives. Whether that is who they should live with or who they should see, Jo can help you through the legal process to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

I focus on the needs of the whole family when dealing with legal issues about children.

Lisa Fraser

Lisa is a Solicitor with our Public Children Law team. She specialises in representing parents in cases where the local authority has become involved in the welfare of children. Lisa can guide and advise you throughout the whole process.

Lauren Garner

Lauren qualified as a Solicitor in 2020 and currently works in our Public Children Law team, representing parents in cases where the Local Authority become involved in the lives of children. Lauren helps her clients through the legal process by making sure the advice she provides is clear and sensitive throughout.

I focus on offering my clients clear advice, covering all of the client's options so as to ensure the best outcome for the family.

Lucie Taylor

Lucie is a consultant solicitor at Baches. She was admitted as a solicitor during 1998 and has a wealth of experience representing parents and children in both care and private law proceedings. Lucie will advise you of all options that are available, to ensure you have the best possible outcome in your case.

I ensure that all of my cases are dealt with sensitively and work hard to achieve the very best outcome for all of the children and parents that I represent.

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