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Children Law


In the event of a family breakdown, or social services intervention, you can be assured that any dispute concerning your children, will be handled by experts in their field who are members of specialised Law Society Panels.

Baches’ reputation within the legal community in this area of law is something of which we are very proud. We have a combined experience of over 70 years!

Care proceedings

In the event that a local authority brings proceedings in the family court when they are concerned about the wellbeing of a child, Baches are able to offer representation and advice throughout this process.

Baches can assist in meetings held before court proceedings are brought. These ‘PLO (Public Law Outline’) meetings are held with the local authority to attempt to resolve their concerns about the wellbeing of children. At the end of these meetings, the local authority will decide whether they need to go to court, or whether they can offer alternative intervention. Our specialist family solicitors regularly represent parents in cases where the local authority are concerned about children. We also represent children and so fundamentally understand the issues that children face in these situations.

Adoption applications

Adoption can be a time-consuming and a difficult procedure, with many different processes to navigate. Our family solicitors can lead you through your application with care, clear advice and professionalism. We will ensure that all legal requirements are complied with and make sure you are fully advised and supported throughout the process.

Representation of foster carers and adopters

We can represent foster carers and adopters too in the matters of anything relating to children, the procedure for applying for legal orders or in the event of any disputes with the local authority or parents of children in your care.

Representation of children and young people

If a Local Authority bring court proceedings with respect to a child, the child will be a party to proceedings and will require specialist representation.

We regularly accept instructions from the CAFCASS Guardian to represent the child. This privilege comes following a number of years of experience and the approval of the law society to represent children which is a skilled and important cornerstone of the family justice system.

Special Guardianship Orders (SGO)

A special guardianship order is an order the court can make which gives a person parental responsibility for a child.

The Local Authority in care proceedings can often support a member of the child’s wider family being appointed as special guardian for that child. At Baches, we have experience of dealing with applications for special guardianship orders and can support, advise and represent you throughout that process.

Funding / Fees

If the local authority are bringing, or have suggested they will bring, care proceedings in the family court, then a parent involved in those proceedings will normally be entitled to legal aid. This means that your legal costs are covered by the government and there is no charge for our excellent top class services.

It is important that you consult a solicitor if the local authority tell you that this is happening.
At Baches, we have experience in applying for legal aid in these matters, and we would discuss this with you at the first meeting.

We also have experience in applying for legal Aid in other types of matters, for other situations.

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