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Baches Announces New Telephone System

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been working from home. We know this is difficult and has caused problems.

However, Baches is proud to announce we have installed a new phone system, allowing all our staff to take calls whether working in the office, at home, or on the move.

So if you have a legal matter you wish to discuss with us, give us a call on 0121 553 3286

Because as always … Baches is here to help.

Baches Commits to Tackling Domestic Abuse during COVID-19

With levels of Domestic Abuse levels increasing during the pandemic, Baches has increased its efforts to connect with more people who are suffering and need the protection of the courts.

We have developed a new 'How We Can Help' leaflet, which we will be distributing to the local area as much as we can very soon. We have also just re-released our Domestic Abuse page on our website, which includes information about what practical steps can be taken, along with information about Legal Aid, so that those suffering from abuse have plenty of information to hand before they turn to us to seek help.

Baches can represent you in applying for Non-Molestation Order under the Family Law Act 1996, being with you every step of the way; from the first initial meeting and the drafting of the paperwork, all the way through to the Final Hearing.

We understand that breaking away from an abusive relationship can have far reaching consequences. It can lead to disputes about contact or residency of children involved, it could mean financial disputes. We have a very experienced Family Team who can advise you on all of this.

For more information, see our webpage at

If you want to get in touch, email us at or call 0121 553 3286.

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