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Non-Molestation Orders

Granted by the Court under the Family Law Act 1996, a Non-Molestation Order is a court order instructing the Respondent not to do certain things. The terms are decided by the court to be what is necessary to protect you.

They may include that the Respondent is not to harass or intimidate you, or get someone else to do that either. That they must not pester you over the phone or by text or on social media. It might be that the Respondent keeps coming to your home, and a provision that excludes the Respondent from your home or other safe place is necessary. If your children are also at risk, the order can be extended to protect them.

The initial order can even be made ‘Without Notice’ to the other person, so by the time they appear in court to have their say, the order is in place for your protection.

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