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Debt Recovery

Unpaid invoices and debts can cause enormous damage to businesses. Small and Medium size businesses spend endless time chasing debts, with phone calls and letters to no avail.

This can eventually cause serious problems; the business may be unable to pay its staff or suppliers and can even cause the business to shut down completely.

We have expertise in Debt Recovery. We offer a service which is efficient, cost effective, practical and tailored to your circumstances.

We pride ourselves on giving the ‘personal approach’ to all of our clients. We will make sure to keep you updated throughout your case, so you know exactly what is going on.

Our Costs

For an undefended claim against a debtor, we offer the following Fixed Fee Service.

Legal FeesVAT@20%Total

This covers the work that we will carry out on your behalf. It does not cover disbursements (expenses) such as:

These will need to be paid in addition to the Fixed Fee, and are all recoverable from the Debtor should the claim succeed.

The fee for our work is not recoverable in Small Claims (most claims under £10,000 in value), however some small Fixed Costs are recoverable on bringing the claim and obtaining the Judgement. These Fixed Costs would be returned to you if recovered.

The Fixed Fee above covers the following work:

  1. Reviewing all of the documents relevant to the claim (contract, invoice, etc)
  2. Sending a Letter Before Claim to the Defendant, outlining the case in full and requiring them to pay the debt before a certain date
  3. Preparing the Claim and filing it at Court.
  4. Requesting a Judgement in Default should the Defendant not reply to the Claim.
  5. Writing to the Defendant demanding they settle the Judgement Debt
  6. Enforcing the Judgement Debt through either a County Court Warrant of Control or a High Court Writ of Control

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